55 days to field guide – Mashatu

A couple of hours passed since my arrival at camp. I’d met the instructors and backups, moved into my tent, got to know camp a bit and got through small talk with Jamey, the other early arriver. Once everyone had arrived, bags offloaded everyone tried to introduce themselves. We were all brought together, and each... Continue Reading →


MSc submitted

It's been awhile since I last posted anything and this is with good reason. Last week I submitted my MSc Thesis, something I've been trying to do for a couple of months now. Although not entirely to blame for not posting, it is the main reason. I couldn't exactly spend time posting things on my... Continue Reading →

Looking around

While checking camera traps in Kwandwe we came across the northern pride lying around on top of a dam wall. We got a little closer and I was able to take advantage of the amazing light and get this picture of one of the cubs. Kwandwe Private Game Reserve, Eastern Cape - South Africa

Camouflage at its best

A dominant male leopard plays hide and seek with us, showing how easily this well camouflaged species blends into its surroundings. Pumba Private Game Reserve, Eastern Cape - South Africa

November/December check 2016

  There were some great pictures taken in November and December, here are the top pics.       Caracals playing in front of the camera, has to be the highlight.    

Camera Trapping

“The bush is a busy place when people aren’t around” I’ve found myself on foot in 'Big 5' country a lot in recently. It’s been two years since my first experience of walking in the bush (a story for another time). These days I've got a lot more hours of bush walking under my belt... Continue Reading →

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