55 days to field guide – Mashatu

A couple of hours passed since my arrival at camp. I’d met the instructors and backups, moved into my tent, got to know camp a bit and got through small talk with Jamey, the other early arriver. Once everyone had arrived, bags offloaded everyone tried to introduce themselves. We were all brought together, and each... Continue Reading →


55 days to field guide – Part 1

As the tarmac turned to gravel, I leant forward, turned off the music and rolled down the window. This is a little something I always do when hitting the dirt. I don't know why but it just makes me feel like I'm in the bush and I can connect with the outdoors. This time was... Continue Reading →

Terrapin on the move

A marsh terrapin (Pelomedusa subrufa) in the Karoo. Asante Sana Private Game Reserve, Eastern Cape - South Africa. While checking camera traps in Asante Sana Private Game Reserve I stumbled across this marsh terrapin crossing the road along the top of a dam wall. The eastern cape is presently going through a dry period and... Continue Reading →

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