Watch the Road

Roadkill isn’t something glamorous or appealing to the eye; not something many people like seeing or getting a closer look. A closer look is by far the best way to describe how I looked at roadkill in my honours year. From a scientific perspective studying roadkill is a great way to start understanding of how … More Watch the Road

Up Early!

The world sleeps soundly. The birds are stirring in their roosts, preparing their morning songs. As the moon still holding bravely over the early morning sky. The car struggles against the cold, climbing over the mountains surrounding Grahamstown to top the last peak with first light welcoming in the new day…   These are the moments … More Up Early!

Elephant Ecology

Everyone’s favourite animal! Well, some people’s worst nightmare too. The elephant is the largest land mammal, one of the most charismatic animals, one of the ‘Big 5’, and a keystone species – the list is endless. Some even go as far as disputing the idea that the lion is the king of the jungle and would … More Elephant Ecology