October check 2016

Between August and October cameras were set up in a few more of the reserves. Thus, there were a lot more pictures to go through, and deciding the best pictures to share was a much harder process. Some of the cameras had a quiet month while others proved that there may just be highways in the bush, with some cameras taking up to 100 pictures.


Shamwari 5
Possibly the cutest face in the bush. A baby bushbuck.
Shamwari 3
Even the smallest of mammals triggering the camera. A mouse using a path made by a much larger animal.


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This sequence of photos shows that camera trapping isn’t all plain sailing. An elephant broke a branch from the tree above the camera and left it dangling in front of the camera. This resulting in a lot of overexposed photos from the flash and who knows what the motion sensors failed to detect.


Lalibela 5
An aardvark
Lalibela 3
A hippo out of the water- luckily I haven’t bumped into one of these while on foot. 
Kwandwe 7
An aardwolf – the smallest member of the hyena family. Unlike the other members of this family, the aardwolf is insectivorous, feeding mainly on termites. 
Kwandwe 5
Honey badger on a mission.
Kwandwe 2
A brown hyena.
Kwandwe 1
South African large-spotted genet.
A spring hare. 
Taking a closer look- an inquisitive kudu bull.
Follow the leader- Ostrich chicks blending in so well with their surrounding.
A prickly friend in the night, the first porcupine. 



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