Up Early!

The world sleeps soundly. The birds are stirring in their roosts, preparing their morning songs. As the moon still holding bravely over the early morning sky. The car struggles against the cold, climbing over the mountains surrounding Grahamstown to top the last peak with first light welcoming in the new day…


A sunrise above the mist in the valleys.

These are the moments that make field work memorable. The fact that the road may lead you somewhere new, somewhere you’ve been before or somewhere you’ve been time and time again doesn’t matter. This is all part of the adventure that is field work. Each trip is different and each trip conjures up something unique. These are the moments that hook you on early rising. The anticipation of what’s around the next bend, the sunrise that so many will miss due to the comfort of a warm bed, and the freedom of nature that’s so seldom seen. Fieldwork offers a zoologist these once in a lifetime sunrise’s because no two sunrises are the same and each new day in the field offers something new and unforgettable.




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